Standing at the front of the statue of Joseph Howarth facing (NE) can be seen the Bandstand within the childrens play area.

The Bandstand when new was erected in the park, close to where it stands today, to the left of the Park Fountain and consisted of a basement, ornate ironwork construction with a dome type of roof and wooden ceiling or sounding board, shown in the postcards below.

The Ceremony for the Public Opening of the New Bandstand in the Park was performed by the Mayor, Mr Alderman Kelsall, on 18 Jun 1887.

After addressing the public assembled to witness the ceremony, he called upon the Mayoress, Mrs Radcliffe, to present a gold key to the Chairman, Mr Councillor Dyson, with which to unlock the gate of the new Bandstand.
He then unlocked the gate and declared the Bandstand duly opened.

The Police Band took their place on the stand and played a medley of tunes.

After this, events concerning the Bandstand are a little sketchy until 18 Jun 1942 when, at a meeting of the Council it was decided, that after the Band performances booked for the current season, the Bandstand would be demolished and sold for scrap.

I do not have any further information rgarding the Bandstand including when it was rebuilt to look like the structure shown in the two photographs below.

Photograph taken 12 Mar 2010.

View taken in the (NE) direction from the front of Joseph Howarth Statue showing the Bandstand within the childrens play area.

Photograph taken 12 Mar 2010.

View of the Bandstand within the childrens play area taken from the opposite direction (SW) from the above photograph with the Observatory in the background.

Postcard by Unknown Publisher.
Unposted, not written on, not stamped

No Message

Postcard by F. & G. Pollard. Oldham.
Posted 18 Aug 1905 to Mrs Weatherell in Scarboro

Message reads, Mrs Weatherell
Thanks for yours.
Friday next about 3.30 pm.
Yours T. Taylor

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