The Boating Lake was constructed in Alexandra Park complete with Boathouse, Launch House with Motor Generator and Switchgear, Electric Launch 50ft x 8ft- 6in with cabin, Single Rowing Boats, Double Rowing Boats, 2 Canadian Canoes, and one Rob Roy Canoe.

The total cost of the project overran the original budget estimate of £12000 by about 20%.

Formal opening of the Boating Lake took place 28 May 1903 attended by the Parks Committee, all members of the Council, their Ladies and others.
The Chairman Mr Councillor Holt performed the ceremony and also unveiled a Tablet commemorative of the event containing the names of the members of the Park Committee.

The Electric Launch was formally named "Mayoress" by the Vice Chairman Mr Alderman Davenport and declared ready to for use.
It was then boarded by the guests who sailed round the Lake, together with numerous Rowing Boats and other craft.

In 1952 the original Electric Launch named the "Mayoress" was found to be in an unrepairable condition.

A new boat named "Mayoress 11" was built by Berwicks (Windermere) Ltd, and had a higher cabin to permit standing.
The Launching Ceremony was performed 2 Jun 1953 by the Mayoress Mrs F Kenyon, she smashed a bottle of Champagne Cider on the side of the launch with the words, May God bless the children who sail in her and the men who work on her.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View of the Boating Lake showing the Boathouse, Launch House and landing stage, (unfortunately no boats)

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Posted 31 Oct 1904 to Miss C Lees in Sheffield

Message reads,
How do you like this.
Thanks for letter, will write a long letter some time during the week
Your sincere friend
Jack Hibbert

Postcard by Milton. Woolstone Bros, London E. C
*Glazette* Series, Number 2580.
Posted 4 Sep 1907 to Mrs Walsh in Halifax. Yorks.

Message reads, Dear Wife
Many happy returns of the day, may joys be uppermost.
Will write you again on Friday, I might know then if I can get home
Your Jobing Husband

Postcard by Hartmann
Posted 13 Oct 1905 to Mrs H Hemp Midgate Peterboro

Message reads, Dear Sister
Just a line hopeing you are very well. I think I have got over my holiday ready for another.
I am very well also the children George is better than ever he has been and Jack is a brick he is almost walking.
Please let me have your address.
Kiss Dorothy for me and accept my best love.
Your Sister Elisa

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Posted 29 Aug 1913 to Mrs H Gornal in Brierfield Nr Burnley

Message reads, Dear Auntie & Uncle
Just a few lines to say I will be coming tomorrow Saturday on the 20 past 12 train from Manchester and will be at Brierfield at 2 o/c I will look for someone waiting for me
Bast Love to all
I remain your loving Niece
xxxx FRANCES xxxxxx

Postcard by F. & G. Pollard, Oldham.
Posted 2 Aug 1911 to Master O.Kelly in Co. Tyrone Ireland.

Message reads, Dear Osmund
I am glad to hear you are enjoying yourself.
Have you finished the hay yet?
K. C.

Photograph taken 10 Sep 2007.

Another view of the Boating Lake, Boat House and landing stage .

Postcard by F. & G. P., O.
The "Wellington" Series.
Posted 17 Sep 1910 to Miss G Whittaker in Blackpool

Message reads, Dear Gert.
Sorry I could't write sooner but I have been very busy.
I had a P C. from Ernest and he says he is in the Terriers.
I hope you are in good Health.
No more at Present as I don't feel in mood for writing.
With best wishes I remain
Yours sincerely

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Posted 6 Feb 1909 to Miss C Thresh in Barnsley

Message reads, Dear Cissy
Louie as not written to me yet I think she as forgotton me.
I shall be home soon I dont know which month yet I have given my notice in so will write and let you know later I expected a letter from you not a P C. so write soon
Love Dolly xxxxxx

Postcard by E. P. Co., M.
"The Eclipse Series"
Posted 5 Sep 1910 to Mr & Mrs Smith Cleethorpes Lincolnshire

Message reads, Dear Friends
I arrived home safely after an adventureous journey.
If I had't had my mother with me I don't think I should have been able to get home, I should have been left on the line (not clothes line). Has Kitty said anything yet. Give my best love to her also to Mother & family. Thanking you for the happy time you helped me to have at Cleethorpes.
I am yours truly Isaiah Hall
P.S. I can't keep my eyes off the girls.

Postcard by Valentine's Series.
Number ?
Posted 19 Oct 1912 to Miss Mary Jane Sutton in Hesketh Bank Nr Preston

Message reads, Dear Mary Jane
I write to tell you that I am not having such a good out as I have been very poorly but I am mending now and expect to come home on Monday.
From Your dear friend
Bessie Iddon

Photograph taken 10 Sep 2007.

Another more extensive view of the Boating Lake, Boat House and landing stage.

Postcard by Unknown Publisher.
Number 12187
Posted 7 Mar 1905 to Miss Hunt in Hull

Message reads,
Received letter this morn.
Pleased to hear you are getting better. Getting on satisfactory at work so far. I have had a blow out of Pan cakes today. Had em for Dinner & Tea. Comfortable Lodging. Hope I shall stay in Oldham. It is a busy place - plenty of Lancashire Lassies here with their clogs on. We work 8 till 6.30 & Sat 8 till 12 - 51 1/2 hrs a week.
Letter tomorrow. Ernest.
I am staying 5 mins off this Park

Postcard by J. W. Astin, Oldham.
Posted 3 Oct 1904 to Mrs F Simiter in Ardwick

Message reads, Dear Marie
First a few lines to say I am alright & shall not return till after dinner on Tuesday.
with love Pollie

Postcard by F. & G. Pollard, Oldham.
Number 200406
Posted 30 Mar 1905 to Mr E Fedarb in Canterbury Kent

Message reads, Dear Uncle
We thank you very much for the flowers and shall be very glad to have a chicken any time, hoping all are well.
From your loving Neice

Postcard by Allen & Sons, Blackpool.
Posted ? ??? 1938 to Mr & Mrs J Hadfield in Coppice Oldham

Message reads, Dear Brother & Sister
I have gone to Fleetwood to see our Joan. Shall stay until Saturday, going by Chara.
Yelloway 8 o'clock Thursday morning.
With Love.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View of the Boating Lake taken from the Boathouse showing the new bridge across the Lake in the distance, constructed during the revamp in 2002 funded by the Heritage Lottery.

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Posted 7 Aug 1904 to Miss A Robinson in Barnard Castle, Yorks.

Message reads,
Thanks for that pretty view it reminds me of some of the villages we passed through on that cycle trip.
Hope you will like this one, they have been very busy on this lake during the hot weather.
Those are some of the mills in the background.
Yours & C

Postcard by Valentine & Sons. Ltd., Dundee and London.
Number H. 1944.
Posted 9 Sep 1943 to Misses B & A Hughes, in Anglesey, N. Wales

Message reads,
Having a lovely time & beautiful weather. Hoping you are alright. Doris & Des send their love & best wishes.
Will be returning on Sat. all being well.
See you soon, then.
Love and Best wishes
Aunty Golly

Postcard Probably by J. W. Astin, Oldham.
Number 3511
Posted 27 Feb 1908 to Miss A Spencer, in Shelley Huddersfield

Message reads, Dear Annie
Sorry your Mother wasn't able to come last Sat, but will she be able to come this by the same train
and Mother will meet her at the station, if not let us know tell her to come if possible
Love to all Lizzie
I had PC from Florry yesterday

Postcard by Chas Wilkinson. Manchester.
Number 358
Posted 22 Feb 1923 to Miss Wells in Thame Oxon

Message reads, Dear Cousins
I expect you received my letter last week. We must both have been writing at the same time, as mine had gone when yours came. I hope you are all keeping well as it leaves us at present. This is a picture of our boating lake which is used extensively in the summer and it is very nice.
Yours sincerely A. Mills

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View from the new bridge across the Boating Lake showing the furthest expanse of the Lake

Postcard by Masons. Alpha Hirst
Number OD 12. Photo by J.F.Lawrence
Posted 23 Aug 1959 to Miss K Symes in Sidcup Kent

Message reads, Dear Kathleen,
Enjoying a quiet holiday doing quite a bit of walking. Some lovely spots here, the weather is beautiful
J Selly.

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Posted 8 Aug 1934 to Mr & Mrs J. Hadfield in Morecambe

Message reads, Dear Friends.
See they have let you have lodgings again glad you are having a good time.
We weny through the Mersey Tunnel yesterday and it was a treat.
From Mrs Heywood & All

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