Over the Rustic Bridge, past the first Bowling green, almost adjacent to the second Bowling green on the right of the (NW) pathway lies a 20 ton Boulder with a smaller Boulder on the opposite side of the pathway.

16 May 1874 was the day fixed for the removal to Alexandra Park of a large Boulder weighing around 20 tons.

It was reported. The Boulder had been found at the brickfield of Messrs John and Isaiah Brooks, which was off Lee Street, near to the junction of Ashton Road. Messrs Brookes offered to place it at the disposal of a body of working men who were anxious to to have it placed in the Park.

The day came for its removal and on the previous day it had been loaded successfully. On Saturday afternoon, a team of fourteen powerful horses lent by various firms were harnessed to the lorry, and after much snapping of chains and tackle it was drawn out and carried through the Town in triumph by way of Union Street, Lees Road, Glodwick Road, and so on to the Main Entrance to the Park where it remained over Sunday and Monday.

On Tuesday the task of conveying it to its resting place was resumed, and so many and so great were the difficultes encountered, in consequence of the sinking of the walks of the Park beneath its huge weight that it was not until Friday morning that the Boulder was deposited on the bed prepared to receive it.

This was achieved without any accidents and a bottle containing an account of the removal and geological information was placed beneath the Boulder.

The following inscription written by Mr Neild was engraved and placed alongside the Boulder :- "This Boulder is feldspar-porphyry. It was found on the southeast side of the Coppice, Oldham, embedded in brick clay 670 feet above the present sea level, and is supposed to have been brought there by the agency of ice at a time known to the Geologists as the Glacial Period. The weight of this Boulder is about twenty tons".

On 1 Jun 1882 an offer by the Mayor of a large Boulder Stone which lay in his ground and which he intended to present for the purpose of being placed in the Park was accepted.

The Park Committee met at the Park 21 Aug 1882 for the purpose of receiving the Boulder Stone presented by the Mayor and placed immediately opposite the 20 ton Boulder Sone already lying in the Park.

On 23 Aug 1899 Mr Thomas Heywood, Surveyor offered yet another Boulder Stone which had been found on the coppice to the Park Committee for the purpose of being placed in the Park.

The Boulder Stone was accepted and the thanks of the Committee tendered to Mr Heywood for his gift and also Mr J Haughton Hague in procuring the Boulder from Mr Heywood.
It then fell to Mr Cannon to arrange the removal to the Park.

Photograph taken 12 Mar 2010.

View in the (SE) direction showing the 20 ton Boulder and the smaller Boulder on either side of the pathway.

Postcard by Chas. Wilkinson. Manchester
Number 1270
Unposted (written on) to Miss H Oldfield in 11 Keble Ave. Oldham

Message reads,
Don't come on Wed, I am going
to Auntys from work, this is the
only time I can fix her in. I shall
go on the 4 - Oclock bus

Postcard by Unknown Publisher.
Number 13136
Posted 28 Jul 1906 to Miss Hilda Craipe in Glen Proser Kerrie muis

Message reads,
Hope you are enjoying yourself.
We are having a delightful time.

Photograph taken 12 Mar 2010.

View in the (SE) direction showing the 20 ton Boulder relative to the first Bowling green and Pavillion.

Photograph taken 12 Mar 2010.

View showing pesumably the third donated Boulder, smaller than the second, in the Park with the Conservatory nearby.

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