Located on each side of the (NE) pathway, past Rebecca at the Well Statue and over the Rustic Bridge are the three Bowling Greens.

The first new Bowling Green complete with a Shelter Pavillion on the right of the pathway was opened 4 Sep 1878, constructed on the northside of the 20 Ton Boulder erected at an earlier date.

A second Bowling Green without a Pavillion was opened 13 May 1894, constructed adjacent to the first one, also on the right side of the pathway .
The Park Committee met at the Park for the sole purpose of formally opening the new Bowling Geen and for the re-opening of the then old Bowling Green

The third and final new Bowling Green, again without a Pavillion, was opened 14 Jun1911, constructed adjoining the Boating Lake at the lower end on the opposite side (SW) of the pathway to the other two.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View showing the first Bowling Green with Sheltered Pavillion to be constructed in the Park.

Photograph taken 12 Mar 2010.

View again showing the first Bowling Green to be constructed in the Park.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View showing the Location in relation to the 20 Ton Boulder of the first Bowling Green constructed in the Park.

Postcard by A. H. & S., Oldham.
Park Series.
Posted 5 Sep 1910 to Miss A Cassills in Ripley Via Leeds

Message reads,
We arrived safely at quarter to six. Everybody quite well here. Jessie went home last Friday, so I shall send the cake on to her,
(for the boys)
Aston Villa 1 goal
Oldham Athletic 1 goal
Middlesborough 1 goal
Everton 0 goal
Better luck next time.

Postcard by E. P. Co., M
"The Eclipse Series"
Posted 22 Sep 1907 to Miss R Fernley in Oldham.

Message reads, Dear Ruth.
I thank you very much indeed for your lovely p.c, but I had much rather you had brought yourself. I think you have been awfully mean. You promised me faithfully you would come up the first week of the holidays & tell one where you were going. I could then have sent you some lovely p.cs but I didn't know where you were. I fully expected you for tea every day of the first week. In fact I felt quite hurt about it. I wish to go to some classes this winter 3 nights. Could you advise we. Isn't winter coming quickly. Hope your Dad & Mother are well.
Love to all Annie.

Postcard by Valentines
Number H.1946.
Posted 5 Apr 1956 to Miss J.W.Godley in Hope Hospital, Salford, 6..

Message reads, Just finishing an incredibly short weekend by debating whether or not to start on another set of curtains.

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Posted 26 Mar 1912? to Miss Bell in Tottenham. London. N17.

Message reads, Dear Connie.
I am having a good time.
Best wishes from George & myself.

Postcard by A. H. & S. O.
Valley Series
Posted 24 Sep 1907 to Miss Wilkinson in Ashton on Mersey Cheshire

Message reads, My Dear Lottie
Just a line hoping your face is much better. I have had a P.C. from Beatrice yesterday & I was very pleased to hear from her. My face is much better. I think this is all I have to say this time.
So Good Bye. With best love
Love to Alice from Anniet

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