The Conservatory in the Park was formally opened on Tuesday 2 Jul 1907 by Councillor J Ashworth, Chairman of the Parks and Cemetery Committee.
It had been erected in order to give the public an opportunity of seeing many of the valuable plants they had in the greenhouses.

Descriptive structural design of the Conservatory stated at the time, was 75ft in length, sub divided into 3 seperate houses. The two end ones or wings being 24ft 6in in length x 24ft wide, The centre portion or Palm House being 26ft in length x 40ft wide, built higher than the other two end sections and surmounted by a dome. Height from floor to ridge of the dome being 25ft.

Foundations are built of brickwork faced with Accrington plastic bricks, the flooring of the houses being laid with Corporation concrete flags with perforated flooring gratings over the pipe ducts. Rows of cast iron pipes run round each house for the purpose of heating the same with hot water, flow regulated by valves.

The heating chamber equipped with an independant sectional boiler is arranged adjacent to the new propogating house which is intended to replace the old one due to its delapidated state.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View of the Consevatory taken slightly angled from the left.

Postcard by A. H. & S. Oldham.
Posted 25 Oct 1907 to Miss Jackson in Leigh Lancashire.
Valley Series

Message reads, Dear B.
Intend coming by the 3-20 from Exchange arrives at Leigh 3-52,
with love to all
Your affec. Cousin

Postcard by Lilywhite Ltd. Triangle. Halifax.
Unposted, no stamp, but written on .
Number ODM. 049.

Message reads,
Near to the Superintendents House

Photograph taken 10 Sep 2007.

Angled view of the Conservatory from the right side showing proximity to the Gardeners House.

Postcard by Valentines Series.
Valentines Series, number 62598 JV
Posted 5 Oct 1910 to Mrs Ainscow in Bangor.

Message reads, Dear Mrs A.
Here spending day leaving for Liverpool tomorrow find temp & weather

Postcard by Valentines, number 209646 J.V.
Posted 19 Jul 1936 to Mr R.C. Somerville in Girvan. Scotland.

Message reads, Dearest Dad.
Good train journey, though it was a bit cold at times. All fairly well here, we had some thunder & lightening last night. We had a walk up town this morning, started to rain after one but has gone off.
Hope you gave Aunt the key. Trust you find your surroundings quite
O.K. With much love from us both. Cherio for the present.
Your loving daughter Beatrice.

Postcard by Unknown Publisher.
Posted 9 Feb 1910 to Miss F Hemsworth in Southport

Message reads, Dear Florrie.
Just a few lines in answer to your P.C. on Sunday. I hope you are well.
I am quite well again thankyou. was sorry to hear about your
GrandFather I had a PC. from Willie the same time as yours,
I will send you a letter later, hoping to hear from you as soon as you can
Love Alice xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
I liked your P.C. very much, hope you will like this P.C.

Postcard by Allen & Sons, Blackpool.
Number 3.
Unposted, no stamp, not written on

Postcard by H. G. Glen & Co., Ltd., 133 Park Lane. Leeds
Glenco Series Leeds
Posted 4 Nov 1915 to Miss A Matthew in Castleton.

Message reads,
Thankful to hear you are all well.
Looking forward to Saturday.
With love to all.

Postcard by Allen & Sons., Publishers, Oldham.
Posted 17 May 1911 to Miss Powel in Colwyn Bay.

Message reads, My dear M.
At last I am sending you a p.c. I am sorry I have been so long but
I have been so busy, going about from place. I am having a grand
time. I hope dear you are feeling better. Perhaps you can send me
a p.c. to let me know how you are. very much love from your
loving friend Mary

Postcard by Allen and Sons, 28 Mumps, Oldham.
Posted 12 Feb 1910 to Miss Ethel Bowles in Hull.

Message reads, My Darling Ethel
I have just spent a good day in Manchester
Wish you had been with me
Love etc Handel

Photograph taken 12 Mar 2010.

Front view of the Conservatory.

Postcard by A. H. & S. Oldham.
"Branch Series" J.T.B.
Unposted, but written on, to Mr W Sutcliffe. Luddenden. Yorks.

Message reads, Dear Walter
We arrived home safe at 6 oclock.
Hope you got home safe.
As I am writing they are all laughing about Mr Moore.
Yours John.

Postcard Publisher not stated.
Unposted, but written on.

Laurel Cottages Greenfield Message reads, Dear Annie
Many thanks for your kind letter I have been at Oldham for the weekend since last I saw you & have marked the gentleman with a cross on other side at whose house I was staying at & I had a jolly good time. About this time a fortnight tonight I had about 3/4 of an hour to wait at M/C , I thought to myself what fun it would be to meet you unexpected but no such luck. hoping this will find you in the best of health. George

Postcard by Abel Heywood & Son, Union Street, Oldham.
"Branch Series".
Posted 13 Jul 1917 to Mrs Tye in Rotherham.

Message reads, Dear Mother
Just written to Mr Towle.
We are going on Sat.
We are coming home by the 12.49 train from G. B.
In Rotherham 2.10.

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