Duck Pond named Fish Pond when first constructed was one of the original features in place at the Park Opening in 1865.

It was described at the time to be of considerable interest in the Park, stocked with fish, the overflow forming a waterfall, with the Pond also supplying a second fountain in the Park at the foot of the waterfall.
As well as being stocked with Fish, on 8 Apr 1876 authorisation was given to expend the sum of £10 for the purchase of waterfowl.

On 1 Jan 1886 water was drained from the pond to add a new arm, fill in the deep portions and to extend the Pond, also making initial provision for the new second Bowling Green adjoining it.

At the same time the second of the two islands shown on the OS map of 1891, originally alongside the walkway, was re-aligned and accomodated into the extension of the Pond.
It is assumed the original fountain and waterfall were dispensed with at this stage.

On 18 Mar 1891 a new Fountain of similar stone design to the Fountain on Broad Walk but with only one basin and no columns was erected on a pedestal in the Pond. (shown on many of the postcards below).
The Fountaian was paid for using a £50 cheque bequeathed by the then late J.H.Scholfield as a donation to Alexandra Park and mounted on a pedestal given years earlier by his father.

The fountain was reportedly restored 9 Aug 1975 after laying dormant for many years. The jet of water was capable of reaching a height of 20 feet.

There is now no sign of this structure nor any evidence of its past existance. I have no information of what happened to to it although it is only 30+ years since the revamp.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View of the Duck Pond when travelling the (NW) pathway between the Duck Pond and Boating Lake, showing both islands.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

Another view of the Duck Pond when travelling the (NW) pathway between the Duck Pond and Boating Lake. .

Postcard by J. W. Astin, Oldham
Posted 23 Apr? 1907 to Pte H L. Butler. C. Company. 3rd Bedfordshire Regt. in Felixstowe

Message reads, Dear L.
Our sending to you, but hope to hear from you as we are anxious to know how you are.
Mum & Dad.

Postcard by A. H. & S.
"Branch" Series. Number 5.
Posted 29 Aug 1906 to Mr Thos. Kay in Row. Helensburgh.

Message reads, Dear Tom.
Glad you are settled at Row. & trust you are having a taste of fine weather; yesterday & today, here, have been grand, not too warm.
Sailing up any lake almost would be delightful. Here's a view of the P.L. Oldham, not for the beauty of the scene, but to remind you of there is such a place. Yours truly H.G.P.

Postcard by Allen & Sons, Oldham.
Number 4376 B
Posted 19 Feb1908 to Miss Maggie Wood in Sunderland

Message reads,Dear Maggie,
Many thanks for P.C. I suppose you have not forgot the drive to Fairy Steps (I don't mean the drive) Flower, I often think what a fine time we had. Georgie dear has been staying with me while in Oldham but I will tell you all the news when I come to Jameses on March 8th when I shall nip over to Sunderland.
XX Love from John

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Posted 12 May 1907 to Master W. Slinger in York

Message reads, Dear Willie
I hope you like this P.C going to meet Ginnie this afternoon hoping you are all well.
with love from Maggie

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

Another view of the Duck Pond when travelling the (NW) pathway between the Duck Pond and Boating Lake, showing both islands.

Postcard by Valentines Series
Unposted, Not stamped, Not written on

No Message

Postcard by E. T. W. Dennis & Sons, Ltd., London & Scarborough.
The Dainty Series
Posted 8 Aug 1929 to Miss Dew in South Shields Durham.

Message reads, Dear Ella
Having a good time but weather isn't too grand.
I was at a wedding on Monday at Huddersfield & had a good time
Sive Add ?.

Unknown Publisher
Number s 6168
Posted 14 Sep 1922 to Miss Edith Worth in Newport Salop

Message reads, Dear Edith
Glad to hear you are having a good time.
It as done nothing but rain here this week.
We never went to practice on Wednesday in fact I don't think there was any.
Love Ethel

Postcard by Valentines Series
Number 62602. J.V.
Posted 3 Sep 1912 to Mr J Bardsley in Bridlington

Message reads,
Dear Mr & Mrs Bardsley
We are in receipt of your P.C. and are glad to hear you are having nice weather.
Sorry that Mr T is not well,but hope he will be thoroughly recuperated by his holiday.
The Cat sleeps in the Kennel and consumes all the food we give her, although we cannot get her in the
house. Bob is quite ashamed. The weather here is wretched only
shower today. Mr & Mrs T3

Postcard by Hartmann.
Number 3971/3
Posted 31 May 1905 to Miss Ellen Rimmer in Hals-all Nr Ormskirk

Message reads, Dear Cousin
I am sorry to say that you cant hire a bicycle up here but I wouldnt bother bringing yours it will be such a nuisance both coming & going back but you must please yourself hoping to see you soon
with love from Mary

Unknown Publisher
The Woodbury Series No 2177
Unposted, not stamped, not sent, but written on

Message reads, Chadderton
17-6-1917. Dear jack
We are camped in huts something like N.Z. the food here is very good but somewhat scarce. The troops here are all Artillary N.Z. with also N.Z Officers & instructors. Frank Hume is in charge he got this job just after the big push at Somme. Do you remember Harry Jones he is camp adjutant. All the instructors here have been through a field artillary course at Aldershot & they bark just like imperial men. Some of the 23rd are very sore about loosing their stripes. We haven't lost any yet but there is some talk about it, the Major has written to headquarters about us. He says I can be placed as a fitter. I believe he asked Masters if he would care about going in the Artillery as a gunner.
Good Bye love to Marion & Yourself.

Postcard by A. H. & S. M.
The Wrench Series, number 10617
Posted 15 Aug 1907 to Mr J W Robinson in Blackpool.

Message reads, Dear Brother & Sister
Just a line hoping you are enjoying yourselves the children are getting on alright but the weather is bad nothing but rain all day on Wednesday and Thursday we shall bring them home on Sunday all being well
with love C Taylor

Shown in the above postcard is one of the Limestone Grottoes where overflow from the Duck Pond trickled into the Boating Lake, the lake being on the right of the picture behind the youth sitting by the side of the Grotto wearing distinctive Edwardian fashioned drainpipe trousers much beloved in the 1950's by "Teddy Boys".

Follow the view in the postcard below, through the opening between the trees, over the Duck pond and be drawn toward a full frontal structure of the impressive Limestone grotto.

Of the two Limestone Gtottoes originally in the Park, only one remained at the date of the postcard but now both have disappeared.
For details of the other Limestone Grotto see the Link to "Rustic Bridge / Lovers Walk and Limestone Grotto."

Postcard by Bardsley. Stationer. Oldham.
Number 1
Posted 23 May 1911 to Miss Edith Mellor Holmfirth

Message reads, Dear Sis
Arrived Safe & sound after the dreadfull night we all witnessed just the same here hope it will be better
Yomne ?

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

Another view of the Duck Pond when travelling the (NW) pathway between the Duck Pond and Boating Lake, showing both islands.

Postcard by Milton. Woolstone Bros, London E. C
"Glazette" Series, Number 2580
Posted 28 Sep 1907 to Miss C Bonar in Derby.

Message reads,Dearest Constance
This is where Bernard used to go when he was a baby most afternoons.
He had a real Oldham Welcome.
Much love to all.

Postcard by Milton. Woolstone Bros, London E. C.
"Artlette-Glazette" Series, Number 185
Posted 17 Apr 1917 to Miss Lizzie Brown in Gateshead On Tyne.

Message reads, My Dearest Friend
Just a card to let you see I am still alive, sorry couldn't write before, been busy cleaning, got all done but Drews room, leaving that for a few weeks, just off for the exam now Mon night, bow-wow don't I wish it was over, nurse said, we that are going in for 3rd must have our wits about us, I'm afraid mine have gone ahead. I feel awfully shaky.
Best Love Lizzie
Crossdale Mom

Postcard by F. & G. Pollard, Oldham.
Posted 18 Sep 1907 to Reverend D J Lawrence Walkley Sheffield

Message reads, Dear Pastor
Just a line or two hoping you are well as I am at present I have come to Oldham for a week or so and I thought I'd write to let you know. I shall go to Chapple on Sunday it is a Baptiso.
Yours in Christ
Geo Hallam

Postcard by Valentines Series
Number 60601. JV
Posted 11 Sep 1912 to Miss F Weathering in Bowinemouth

Message reads,
We are having a scrumptious time we have still a week haven't we old sport.
Glad you are having a nice time.
It is very cold here but fine
with love Mabel E

Postcard by Valentines Series
Number 62601. JV
Posted 20 Sep 1915 to Miss E Smith in Amersham. Bucks.

Message reads, Dear Cousin Ethel.
Arrived home quite safe on Sunday at 5.45pm after a enjoyable week, found them all right at home Jane got your Postcard
From Your Cousin
E Prestow.

Postcard by E. P. Co., M.
The Eclipse Series
Posted 21 Feb 1910 to Miss A Milward Dartford Kent

Message reads, Dear Friend
Very sorry indeed to hear you have been ill my wife & I hope you will soon be alright & at work again. Many thanks indeed for small photos of Gleservaling & Whaliot. The view I sent you was of Blind Joe forty years the bellman of Oldham. Hope you will like this one.
I must close now with kindest regards & a speedy recovery.
Nathan & Cissy Shaw.

Postcard by F. & G. Pollard, Oldham.
Number 200240
Posted 4 Sep 1906 to Miss M Cooper Brechin Scotland

Message reads, Dear Maggie
No doubt you will be surprised to hear that I lost my ticket on my way home but got through allright had to give my name and address at every station we stopped. Work has not gone down so well today remember me to your father & mother.
with love from

Photograph taken 10 Sep 2007.

Another view of the Duck Pond, taken from the Promenade side showing both islands.

Postcard by Raphael Tuck & Sons
Town & City Series. Number 2129
Posted 28 Aug 1905 to Mr J. F. Ashby Greenwich S. E.

Message reads, This is one of the Beauties O-awdham..
Many thanks for your P.P.C.
We arrived home about six o'clock Saturday morning.
It is frightfully slow here after the time we had at B or castle, I hope your fingers are better.
ere this, Do not forget the Photographs RO- - - - - - C.B

Postcard by A. H. & S.
"Branch" Series. Number 2
Unposted but advertisement printed on reverse

Haggate Wesleyan Band of Hope
The 5th annual
Tea Meeting & Festival
Saturday Nov 30th, 1907 etc

For full advertisement see reverse of postcard below

Reverse side of above postcard showing advertisement.

This use of postcards with printed adverts on the reverse for local events could have been commonplace.
(Other examples of postcards with advertisements appear in Promenade, Blind Joe Statue and Park Fountain sections)

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Posted 17 Jul 1909 to G. H. Wilson Esq.

Message reads, Dear Mr W.
Spending a very good time here
Kindest Regards
A D.


Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Unposted. Not Stamped, Not Written on.

Postcard by A. H. & S. O.
Valley Series.
Posted 19 Aug 1909 to Miss D. M. Hudson in Pemberton Wigan.

Message reads, Dear Dora
I was thinking that you believed such a person as "Liah Hudson" did not exist until this morning.
However that is is a detail.
We are going to Barrow to-morrow (Friday). We are leaving Manchester at 4.15.
If you care to come to Wigan station we will look out for you.
Leah. Remember me to Uncle Sam & Mary & Cissie.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

Another view of the Duck Pond, taken from the Promenade showing an overview and both islands.

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