The Statue of Emma "The Flower Girl", situated inside the Main Entrance to the right just before the Victorian flight of steps, contained an inscription reading, Presented by Councillor Bamford.

This would have been Councillor John Bamford Chairman of the Park Committee at the Park Opening, Councillor between 1862 to 1870, and part provider of the stain glass window gifts "Peace and Plenty" and "Industry and Commerce" in the Refreshment Room.

It is likely therefore that the Statue of Emma dates from the Opening of the Park in 1865. Also since a Statue in the same position appears on the 1879 OS map.

A newspaper report 30 Jun 1966 stated "Emma has gone". The statue in fact had disappeared never to be seen again.

Fortunately, thanks to the Heritage Lottery and the refurbishment organisers, a new statue of Emma was commisioned.

Sculptor Andrew Sinclair was invited to remake two statues in the park which had disappeared decades ago. He only had fuzzy old photographs to work with, so his assistants 10 year old daughter Alexandra Mack, from Buckinghamshire, stood in as a model for Flower Girl Statue Emma.

Her step-sister Naomi 23, posed for the reworking of another statue in the Park of Rebecca at the Well. (see link to Rebecca Statue).

Both statues were unveiled for the Alexandra Park Refurbishment Opening in 2004.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View showing the new Statue of Emma "The Flower Girl" unveiled for the refurbishment opening in 2004.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View showing Victorian flight of steps, benches and the new 2004 Statue of Emma "The Flower Girl" on the right.

Postcard by F. G. Pollard. Oldham.
Posted 12th Sep 1905 to Mr & Mrs Piercy in Scarboro.

Message reads,
This is a view in our beautiful park. What have you in Scarboro to compare with it. I came back last Saturday and have got back to work again.
Kind regards to you both, hoping you are well.
Smile and keep going.
A. B.

In the postcard above the original 1865 Statue of Emma "The Flower Girl" can just about be seen in front to the right, in the distance, whilst the postcard below shows her in the middle surrounded by flowers.

Postcard by Lilywhite Ltd. Triangle. Halifax.
Number ODM. 7.

No message but, Jim will know this, written on

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