Rustic Bridge, a stone built construction with attractive rustic styled side hand railings, situated close to Rebecca at the Well Statue, was one of the original structures in place at the Park Opening 1865.

The tree lined bridge underpass known as Lovers Lane or Lovers Walk has lost some of its trees, seen in the postcards below, plus around a metre in height between the path and underside of the load stone, possibly filled in for safety reasons. However it still presents a commanding presence.

Photograghs and postcards have been represented below in three sections, Rustic Bridge, Lovers Lane or Walk underpass (NNE) and Lovers Lane or Walk underpass (SSW).

Rustic Bridge

Photograph taken 12 Mar 2010.

View when travelling (NW) over the bridge, showing also the smaller of the Park Boulders in the distance on the left.

Photograph taken 10 Mar 2010.

View when travelling (SE) over the bridge, showing the relative position to the Statue of Joseph Howard "Old Blind Joe", directly facing.

Postcard Publisher unknown
Posted 28 Jul 1928 to Miss A. L. Bouchad in Rhode Island, U. S. America.

Message reads, Dear Alice.
Hope you had a nice time in Old Orchard.
We are now in Oldham.
Love from Grandma & Grandpa..

Postcard by A. H. & S., Oldham.
Park Series.
Posted 1 Sep 1910 to Corp Tom Robson in Grange Over Sands.

Message reads, Dear Tom.
We arrived home safe at 11 oclock & it was still raining but it is very nice this morning if it will keep so.
Send word how your cold is & don't forget to sleep with your cardigan on.
With Love From Mother.
Our Matt & family went to Blackpool on Tuesday for the week.

Bridge Underpass (NNE), Lovers Lane or Lovers Walk

Photograph taken 10 Sep 2007.

View travelling (NNE) through the bridge underpass, some restoration was taking place in the hand rail area when this photograph was taken.

Old Photograph taken around 1863/64.

Produced by
Hall & Heaton, Photographers
Middleton Road, Oldham

View through the bridge underpass showing the Bridge under construction and the Limestone Gtotto with steps leading in.

The old photograph above features the Bridge under construction dating it around 1863/64.
Also shown is one of the two Limestone Grottoes known to exist in the Park at one stage or another.
This one was in position for the Park Opening in 1865. (referred to as Grotto on the 1879 and 1894 OS maps but not mentioned on the 1909 map).
For details of the other Limestone Grotto see the Link to "Duck Pond and Limestone Grotto".

The man positioned on the lower left of the postcard below dated 1907 is sat reading on the Limestone Rock to the side of where the entrance to the Grotto used to be and although hidden slightly does not give any indication of the Grotto being there anymore.

Looking at the recent Photogaph below the next postcard, there is no trace now of the existance of any Limestone Rock.

Postcard by GD & DL
Posted 13 Aug 1907 to Mr A Darnes in Spalding Lincolnshire.

Message reads,
We are all alive and kicking here your family that you left behind are doing alright only we can't get puss to stop in but she is alright on top of the cotes.

Photograph taken 10 Sep 2007.

View travelling (NNE) through the bridge underpass, indicating the disappearance of the Limestone Rock.

Postcard by GD & DL
Posted 4 Sep 1907 to Mrs Bradbury in Mumbles Nr Swansea.

Message reads, Dear Eda
Received your P. C yesterday with thanks.
I have not had time been on a visit to Ireland it is very quiet here enjoying myself alright very pleased to hear you are enjoying youself
Yours Matty

Postcard by J. W. Astin, 148, Manchester Street, Oldham.
Posted 28 May 1907 to Mr Leon Weille in Paris France.

Message reads, Dear Mr Weille
I am sorry we were not able to say goodbye to you before we left Paris. But perhaps we shall have the pleasure of meeting you again sometime.
I am sending you a view taken in Oldham Park. I will send you other views later & then it will give you some idea what Oldham is like.
With kind regards I remain
Yours Sincerely Jennis Lees.

Postcard by F. & G. Pollard. Oldham.
Number 200237
Posted 19 Jul 1906 to Miss L Dyson in Blackpool

Message reads, Dear L
We arrived home saftely about 8.30. I was glad to get home.
Hope you enjoy your holiday. Weather very dull here
Yours Sincerely L.

Postcard by The Wrench Series.
The Wrench Series, number 6991
Posted 9 Aug 1904 to Miss A Robinson in Barnard Castle. Yorks.

Message reads,
Thanks for kind letter Received, this is another view of our Park, which I thought you might like to have. I have paid it a visit a good many times as I am not far off.
Yours Sincerely H.Y

Postcard by The Wrench Series.
The Wrench Series, number 6991
Posted 22 Jul 1904 to Miss Sutcliffe in Halifax.

Message reads,My dear Ethel.
Have you heard I have got a new neighbour.
I was so sorry you could not come yesterday but I hope you had a nice time at Bradford.
I went to Manchester by car for the afternoon - to see Ada Westall.
Will you come on Saturday ? Come to stay tea, if you can managae it.
With Love - From Kate.

Postcard by A. H. & S., Oldham.
The Branch Series
Posted 23 Aug 1905 to Miss E Hammond in Lowestoft Suffolk.

Message reads,My dear E.
You must forgive me for not writing a line before I have not done much of it will tell you all when I come back the people are very nice the girls I have got friendly with shall be sorry to leave them but shall be glad to get back home with you.
It would be nice if we had a walk like this would it not.
with love good neet.
From your loving Alice xxxx xxxx

Postcard by A. H. & S., Oldham.
"Woodhey" Series
Posted 21 Sep 1904 to Miss N Ford in Blackpool.

Message reads,
We are alright here but as you are getting quite a stranger should like to know how you are
Dott. D
remember me to Duckie

Postcard by Allen & Sons. Oldham
Unposted, not stamped, but written on

Message reads,
This is a beautiful walk ; one walks through an avenue of glorious silver birches ; copper beeches and poplar trees.

Postcard by Kenworthy
Posted 28 Sep 1904 to Miss H Gwilliam in Minsterly Salop

Message reads, My dear Melitia
Is it so long since I wrote to you. I really had no idea ! You must forgive one ! I had been planning all the Spring & Summer to have you along with all your other cousins up here for a weeks Holiday & to that end I asked Chris to write to you in my name. However I am buy for a letter to myself.
Yours as ever

Postcard by "Ja - Ja"
Heraldic Series.
Posted 30 Jul 1907 to J Buckley Esq in Colwyn Bay

Message reads,
We have expected to hear from you to say when Aunt J would be returning.
There is nothing at all fresh with Aunt H. She has to stay in bed till September at all costs.
Will write to say when I shall be comming home tomorrow. We can't get to know yet.
With Love ?
The Doctor says the toe is likely to come off entirely without operation.

Bridge Underpass (SSW), Lovers Lane or Lovers Walk

Photograph taken 10 Sep 2007.

View travelling (SSW) through the bridge underpass, some restoration was taking place in the hand rail area when this photograph was taken.

Postcard by A H & S M.
Woodhey Series.
Posted 2 Feb 1909 to Miss Cis Carter in Poulton-le-Fylde

Message reads, M. D. C.
Well, how are things going on over there? I wish this blessed Party was over, it is running me to a grease spot. I suppose you too are very busy with Utopia Ltd. I am saving my pennies so that I can come. I have not heard whether you are coming on Saturday.
Best Love Wilfrid.
I will write tomorrow.

Postcard by A. H. & S., Oldham.
Valley Series.
Posted 19 Jul 1908 to Mr John Matthew in St. Annes

Message reads, Dr John.
Anything like this at St. Annes.
Hope you are having a good time, the weather here is not very good, yesterday (Wed) was cold & wet, it is rather better today.
The Curator of the Shaw Road Art Gallery wishes me to thank you for your handsome gifts of pictures.
Your friend Tom.

Postcard by Milton, Woolstone Bros, London E. C.
"Arlette-Glazette" Series, number 185
Posted 29 Aug 1908 to Miss A. Giles in Jershore

Message reads, Dear Annie.
how are you enjoying your holidays.
I hope you went to London to see all the sights the hats etc.
with love Amy.

Postcard by Milton, Woolstone Bros, London E. C.
"Glazette" Series, number 2580
Posted 25 Apr 1908 to Miss Furmidge in Huddersfield

Message reads, Dear Pheobe
I received your letter first post Friday morning and glad you got home safely.
May and I have been up to the Market and it is snowing now. If you would send it on in three weeks I should be pleased as I may be going earlier.

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