A Japanese style Meteorological Observatory, known as the Pagoda was built on the site of the original Observatory which had occupied the site since the Park Opening in 1865.

The foundation stone was laid on Saturday 17 Jun 1899 by the then Mayor of Oldham Councillor Jackson Brierly before a huge concourse of people as part of the Bouroughs Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Incorporation of the Borough.

Design described at the time was, Oriental and exceedingly pretty. When completed it will be 62ft in height. The main part of the building will be 11ft square with a basement for storage purposes.

The base will be formed of grey granite from the famous Aberdeen quarries and from that base to the cone, the structure is intended to be made of Doulton highly-glazed ware. To add to the uniqueness of the design, the cone is to be formed of fibrous plaster with ornaments and finished off with gargoyles (which do not appear to have materialised) at each angle.

The roof up to the two faced clock will be covered with red tiles and the framework for the clock will be made of teak with scrolls at the angles. Above this is the dome, covered with lead and finished off with a rain gauge and terminal. The large ball on which the rain gauge and terminal are supported will be guilded and should look very effective.

The walls of the main part of building will be fitted with exquisite perforated ornamental panels besides which there is provision for three panels which will be suitably inscribed.

Finished inscription panels depict, 1. Information relating to the Observatory Opening Ceremony, 2. Listing of the Jubilee Committee Members and 3. Listing of the Sanitary Committee Members.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View of the Observatory in the Park.

Postcard by Unknown Publisher.
The "Bankside" Series
Posted 5 Jul 1913 to Miss Rose Alcock in Lower Peover.

Message reads, Dear Rose.
This is another of the views in the Park. Oldham.
I hope you will be able to fix a day to come over to see us, and then we can show you round. Oldham.
Love from. Lucy.

Postcard by Valentines Series.
Valantine Series
Posted 25 Sep 1908 to Miss Howarth in Bury.

Message reads, Dear Maria
I was sorry I could not see you last Sat. but hope better for the future.
Give my love to Gertie Murphy and tell her, I would send her a P.C. if I knew her address. We have had some fun together, I often think of the happy times at Spencer's.
With Love Emma.

Postcard by Allen & Sons, Oldham.
Number 4376 B.
Posted 25 Aug 1918 to Mrs Y. Jenkins in Rochdale

Message reads, Dear Annie
We shall be very pleased to see you tomorrow afternoon.
We should have gone out, but baby is not very well hoping this finds you well
With Love
Annie. B.

Postcard by J. W. Astin, Oldham.
Number 3509
Posted 8 Oct 1903 to Miss Bartlam in Oldham.

No written message

Postcard Publisher unknown.
Posted 1 Sep 1917 to Miss L Wilson in Rhyl.

Message reads, My Dear Sister
Pleased to say we have arrived here safe about half past one, hope you are having better weather and a good time.
My aunt Lizzie is at Gwent ? Fort ?. I wish I had of known she was going, last week I would of gone with her, tell you more when I see you.
From Your Loving Sister
Gladys xxxxxx

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