The Park Fountain is situated on the Broad Walk between the Lions Den at one end and Rebecca at the well Statue at the other.

Built of stone the fountain has two basins supported by five granite columns with carved stone capitals. The jet issues from the mouth of a dolphin, held in the arms of of a boy carved in stone.
It contains an inscription around the girth "Presented by Josiah Radcliffe 1865", five times Mayor of Oldham for the years 1856-1858, 1864-1865.

The fountain, as the inscription sugests was another of the structures in position at the Park Opening in 1865.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View showing the Park Fountain in the middle of the Broad Walk.

Photograph taken 10 Sep 2007.

View, again showing the Park Fountain.

Postcard by Lilywhite Ltd., Triangle, Halifax.
Number ODM. 17.
Posted 24 Aug 1927 to Mr & Mrs Bonney in Brixton, S.W.9.

Message reads, Dear Jim & Ethel
I am pleased to tell you that Lizzie is on the improve but she will be in Hospital for another 6 weeks so just drop her a line to Oldham Royal Infirmary Victoria Ward.
Glad your sister is doing alright
Love from

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Unposted but advertisement printed on reverse
North Moor Wesleyan Sunday School.
"At Home"
Saturday, October 6th, 1906. etc.

For full advertisement see reverse of postcard shown below.

Reverse side of above postcard showing advertisement.

This use of postcards with printed adverts on the reverse for local events could have been commonplace.

(Other examples of postcards with advertisements appear in Blind Joe, Duck Pond and Promenade sections)

Postcard by Allen & Sons. Oldham
Number 62603 JV
Posted 22 Feb 1919 to Mrs Fowler in Swindon Wiltshire

Message reads, Dear Mrs Fowler
I write these few words to let you know that I have got my leave extended till Tuesday 25. 2. 19 and I will be back again about 5.15, hoping you are all well, give my best regards to George and Jackson.
Sincerly Jim

Postcard by A. H. & S., Oldham.
Park Series.
Posted 5 Aug 1910 to Miss G Bould in Frenton Staffs.

Message reads, Dear Gerry.
Having a good time, I have turned into a Lancashire girl, hoping that Martha is getting better, please remember me to all
With Love from

Postcard by Valentines Series
Number 62603 JV
Posted 30 Aug 1911 to Mr C Gomersall in Morecambe.

Message reads, Dear Son
Hope you are enjoying yourself and having fine weather. Etty and I have been up to Moreside and then went for a drive to the Junction we had a very nice out. Tell John, Walter wants to know who that girl is sending p.c. to him . I'll tell his Mother.
with love from Mother

Postcard by Valentines Series
Number 62603 JV
Posted 5 Aug 1912 to Miss Hannah Schofield in West Kirby.

Message reads, Dear Hannah
I hope you are having nicer weather than us.
It started to rain Saturday night till this morning, fine just now dinner time.
We went to the sports but not to the fireworks it was very rough on Saturday night time it fetched both tents down in the sports.
Hope you are enjoying yourself
from Mamy & dady

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