A selection of views with various walks and pathways depicted on Postcards within the Park

Postcard by Chas. Wilkinson, Manchester.
Number 1271.
Posted 28 Jun 1935 to Mr H. Bell in Hawes Yorks

Message reads, Dear Herbert
Got here allright am enjoying myself fine hope you are feeling Better Cheer up. and get up soon
lots of love
Nellie xx

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Number 13134.
Posted 29 Aug 1905 to Miss Coates Blackpool

Message reads, Dear Annie
Pleased to hear you are all right, we are very quiet at home.
We have had Aunt Ellen Aunt Ann this weekend
Yours with love.
Mother. xxx

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
The "Bankside" Series
Unposted, Not stamped, Not written on

No Message

Postcard by J. W. Astin, Oldham.
Posted 30 May 1903 to Mip L Lomax in West Didsbury

Message (written on the front) reads,
Archibald will be in Douglas during Whit week with Marmaduke & Andrew

Postcard by Hartmann
Posted 23 Jul 1906 to Mrs Worlding in London S.W.

Message reads, Dear Mrs W.
We were both glad to hear you were having a holiday & enjoying yourself I am sure you will feel better for it you must remember your next holiday will have to spend here & come & see our happy home my loving husband joins with me with sending our love & we are both enjoying good health hoping you are doing the same you must phone me sunday 112 is the number so they will be pleased to see you I expect they miss us but we are all quite happy
Love Fud.

Postcard by Allen & Sons, Blackpool - 2
Posted 9 Aug 1934 to Mr & Mrs Hadfield in Morecambe.

Message reads, Dear Friends
received your P. C. glad to hear you are having a fine time.
I have to make the best of it Joe is working.
best Wishes
E A Y.

Postcard by Bamforth & Co., Ltd., Holmfirth.
Unposted but dated & written on

Message reads, Dear Glad-Eyes,
Hope by this reaches you, the weather will be more favourable, as it will be very awkward if the grass is damp. Am sending a view of the Park to awake memories of good times spect thereon & hoping you will have better & more thrilling whilst at Morecambe. Jim and I are being quite good boys now all the noise has departed, we are getting quite angelic - Trusting you are well & have not caught cold with staying out late - 10pm. latest.
ta ta, Love & best wishes - Be good
AB. xxxx

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Posted 8 May 1931 to Miss Catherine Adams in Col Co. Penns. USA

Message reads,
Arrived Safely had a most wonderful voyage ever arrived Tuesday May 5th at 2.30pm.
Sail back May 30th.
Feeling fine also Mrs Mows is well
Mr & Mrs John Mows

Unknown Publisher
Number 1
Posted 23 Sep 1931 to Mrs Isuman in Mansfield Notts.

Message reads, My Dear Mother
I expect you would be surprised to hear of us comming here.
Having a holiday & lovely weather.
Did you have a good time at Skegness.
Have got a touch of nensitas - hope it will go soon.
Loving Daughter,
Love Frank, Freda.

Postcard by Bamforth & Co., Ltd., Holmfirth.
Number 10
Posted 2 Jul 1927 to Miss E,EM Platt in Llandudno N.Wales.

Message reads, Dear Daughters
Received P.C. alright.
Pleased to hear having a good time.
The weather as broken here now. We are both keeping well.
hope you are and that your toes are better.
Love from us both x x x x x x

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