The extent of the section designated the Promenade extends from the top of the flight of steps at the Main Entrance, up to within 100 yards of the Top Walk flight of steps.
Along the way on the left is John Platt Statue and further along on the left is the Pavilion or Lions Den guarded by two reclining lions on plinths at each side.
Continuing forward on the left is the statue of Robert Ascroft known as "The Peoples Friend".
On many of the postcads can be seen the Refreshment Room looming impressively in the distance. Unfortunately this building was demolished in March 1970.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View taken looking down the Promenade to the Main Entrance showing the John Platt Statue on the right.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View looking up the Promenade showing the John Platt Statue on the left and just about showing the Lions Den further up on the left.

Postcard by Hartmann.
Number 3971 / 4
Posted 2 Aug 1906 to Miss Williams in Old Conway.

Message reads, Dear Miss Williams.
Arrived safe about 12-15 had a pleasant journey. It is very hot here but fine. It does seem funny after quiet Colwyn all hurry scurry & bustle. Hoping to hear from you soon
with love from Lilly. G..

Valentines Series
Unposted but advertisement printed on reverse

S.S. Aiden & Oswald, Royton.
A Grand . . "AT HOME" will be held in the Schoolroom
On Easter Monday, April 1st, 1907 etc.

(For full advertisement see reverse of postcard below.)

Reverse side of above postcard showing Advertisement

This use of postcards with printed adverts on the reverse for local events could have been commonplace.
(Other examples of postcards with advertisments appear below and in Duck Pond, Blind Joe Statue and Park Fountain sections)

Reverse side of an identical postcard to the above but with a different Advertisement

Villiage Sunday School, Royton.
A Grand JAPANESE CARNIVAL will be held in the above School.
On Saturday, March 16th, 1907,
Refreshments at Moderate Prices.
A Hearty Welcome to All !!

Reverse side of an identical postcard to the above but with a different Advertisement

Haggate Wesleyan Chappel.
Saturday, Feb. 2nd, 1907
Tea (sandwich) at 4-30. ; Entertainment at 6-30.
Chairman : - John Mellor, Esq.
Accompanist : - Jas. E. Whitehead, Esq.
Tickets 1s. each ; after Tea, 6d..

Postcard by Allen & Sons, Blackpool.
Number 8
Posted 22 Jul 1933 to Master John Shawcross in Finchley.

Message reads, Dear John,
Grandma & I enjoying ourselves here we arrived at Oldham about 7 oclock. We have had fine weather so far.
Love from Grandma to all & from myself
Love from Auntie.

P.C by A.H.& S.O. "Valley" Series. Posted 2 Aug 1908 to Miss M Hurst in Coventry.
Message reads, Dear Molly,
Many thanks for P.C. Roses my favourites. I thought you were to come back on the 8th. Saturday. Band on the 15th but hope to see you before the 15th. Please let one know when. Have a variety of views for you. Have seen no signs of WB. Went to chapel last Sunday but not park, no attraction there, you are away. Sorry to hear of your fall. Hope you are alright by now. Don't forget to let me know when you return.
Yours sincerely, Herbert.
I am having a holiday Monday [Bauk H]

Postcard by E. P. Co., M.
"The Eclipse Series"
Posted 8 Sep 1908 to Mr H. E. Hancock in Wolverhampton.

Message reads,
We are coming home tomorrow by the 9-45 am train, so we shall be nearly home at dinner time.
Have been down this Promenade.
Hope your cold is better.
D. B.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View looking up the Promenade showing the Robert Ascroft Statue on the left, this, where the Promenade ends and the Top Walk begins.

Postcard by A. H. & S., Oldham.
"Woodhey" Series
Posted 26 Jul 1905 to Mr & Mrs Shaw in Bury Lancs.

Message reads, Dear Cousins,
How is Dorothy getting on, is she better, Our children are nearly right now, Hoping you are all right long before this, is the wish of
Your Loving Cousins
Joe. & Emily.

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