The Statue of Rebecca at the well, situated at one end of the Broad Walk, contained an inscription, "Presented by Alderman John Taylor", (Mayor of Oldham 1866 - 1867), and was one of the original structures in place at the Park Opening in 1865.

A newspaper report stated that the Statue of Rebecca at the well was pushed over during the night of 16 May 1956 and smashed beyond repair.

Fortunately, thanks to the Heritage Lottery and the refurbishment organisers, a new statue of Rebecca was commisioned.

Sculptor Andrew Sinclair was invited to remake two statues in the park which had disappeared decades ago. He only had fuzzy old photographs to work with, so Naomi, 23 posed for the reworking of the Statue of Rebecca at the well.

Naomi is step-sister to Alexandra Mack, from Buckinghamshire, the 10 year old, who stood in as a model for the other Statue, Emma "The Flower Girl". (see link to Emma Statue).

Both statues were unveiled for the Alexandra Park Refurbishment Opening in 2004.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View showing the new Statue of Rebecca at the well unveiled for the refurbishment opening in 2004.

Photograph taken 10 Mar 2010.

View again showing the new 2004 Statue of Rebecca at the well.

Postcard by Milton. Woolstone Bros London E C
"Glazette" series, number 2580.
Posted 31 Aug 1909 to Miss J B Moore in Moreton, Cheshire.

Message reads, Dear Sis.
Glad to hear you are enjoying yourselves. The weather is very dull and rainlike here at present. M & I went to Aberystwyn at 4 am and will return at 2 am tomorrow. Hope you are well continue to enjoy yourselves. Lilys address is horwood Midd Rd.
Your loving brother Sydney.

Postcard by Milton. Woolstone Bros London E C
"Glazette" series, number 2580.
Posted 26 Feb 1907 to Mr J L Stomer in Lambeth, London.

Message reads, Dear jack.
Forgive my lateness - I went home for the wk-end. I have not time for a letter now - will make up next time. Am still happy & comfortable. We are agitating for an extension of our summer vac., all the teachers think us indesceet & daren't join, poor little dears. I expect it will be put in the local paper & make interesting remarks. I hear your violinist friend made an unwise choice of music last Thurs - I shouldn't have cared to listen to a trio 46 minutes long - an orchestral piece is different. Don't you think Oldhams Motto is v.good for a teacher ?
Yours, Katie.

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Posted 8 Jul 1911 to Miss Edith Smith in Kirkham.

Message reads, Dear Edith
Sorry I have been so long in writing as I have been very busy. I hope you are enjoying yourself. Next week I am playing in at Tennis handicap. Wishing I was with you
With Love from Edith
PS Don't forget to come soon after you come back.

Postcard by Glenco Series Leeds
Posted 21 Sep 1910 to Miss E Bell in Chester.

Message reads, Dear Edith
This is a view of our park. I should have written before only I have not been well.
Give my love to mother Remember me to all
With Love,

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Posted 7 Aug 1907 to Miss Mabel Hall in Mansfield. Notts.

Message reads, Dear M
Shall be with you tomorrow (Tues) night by the eight train from here. So could you and Rob meet me at the Station as it will be dark when I get home. Pleased he did so well at the sports.
Heaps of news when I see you longing for the time to come
Love to all

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Posted 9 Mar 1905 to Mr A Cotterell in Wednesbury.

Message reads, Dear Nephew
I am expecting to see you on Saturday.
From Aunt sally

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