The Refreshment Rooms, an imposing building, situated on the Terrace facing the Promenade, the design though not fully appreciated by some at the time. It can be seen in the distance on many of the postcards of the park, particularly those of the Promenade

Completed in time for the Park Opening Ceremony, it was intended to have a museum in the upper floor, which never materialised. The lower floor being in the style of a Continental Cafe.

Carved across the front of the building, were the words "Alexandra Park, Opened August 28 1865", not too clear in the freeze on the postcard below but some letters are decypherable.

Stained glass windows in the Refreshment Room representing "Peace and Plenty" and "Industry and Commerce" were gifts of Councillor John Bamford, Chairman of the Parks Commitee and ex-Mayor Alderman John Riley.

Sadly the building was demolished, 2 Mar1970, not because the structure was dilapidated or fallen into disrepair, but purely due to Bureaucratic Vandalism.

Postcard by F. & G. Pollard, Oldham.
Posted 7 Sep 1903 to Miss E. A. Lawrie in Rochdale.

Message reads,
Rattling Ruse so far.

Postcard by Chas Wilkinson, Manchester.
Number 946
Posted 20 Sep 1926 to Mrs J. Bennett in Gwenylls nr. Wrexham

Message reads, Dear Maggie.
Thanks so much for your P.C. I am glad you are having a nice time. I hope you come back quite fat like me. Ha. Ha. I am writing under difficulty. Kenneth is on my knee & he says I have to send you some kisses. Mother is getting along very nicely , only rather slow. John has arrived back alright
Best Love Emma
xxxxxxxxx Kenneth sends these .

Looking at the above postcard, it would appear the stain glass windows of "Peace and Plenty" and "Industry and Commerce" have been replaced with plain glass windows. The postcard is dated 1926 but I cannot find any referrence as to the reason.

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