The Terrace is an area of pathway stretching from the top of the Promenade / Top Walk, around to the Observatory. This area also used to house the Refreshment Room and two Russian Cannons which now unfortunately, no longer exist.

An application made by Oldham Council to the Secretary of State for two Russian Cannons to be placed in Alexandra Park was favourably accepted in a reply from the War Office, received 16 Apr 1865 reading as follows.

In reply to your letter of the 31st. ultimo I am directed by Lord de Grey and Rippon to inform you that he has much pleasure in Presenting to the Town of Oldham two Russian Iron Guns for the correct mounting and careful preservation of which his Lordship feels confident that he may rely on the Public Spirit of the inhabitants of the place.

As there are not at Lord de Greys disposal any carriages to accompany these Guns, I am directed to transmit to you the enclosed Lithographs of three kinds of of Russian Gun Carriages and to state that in the event of the authorities of Oldham being desirous of having Carriages constructed after any of these patterns and undertaking to pay the expense, his Lordship will be prepared to authorise their manufacture in the Royal Arsenal.

Subsequently two Russian Cast Iron Carriages were obtained from the Royal Arsenal at a cost of £16 each.

The Iron Guns were positioned in the Park at the top of the steps on each side, near the Refreshment Room, facing the Main Entrance down the Promenade.

An incident involving the Cannons took place during the Park Opening speeches around the Refreshment Room. When the Town Clerk was relating the History of the Park, The Lancashire Rifles Volunteers misunderstood an order and began firing a salvo, the dropping shot of which made hearing so difficult that only an estimated 100 of the 1300 audience heard what was said.

On 24 Jul 1940 it was reported that the Oldham Emergency Sub Committee at their meeting of the 14th had suggested that the guns and railings not required in the Park might be disposed of for War purposes.
This was acted upon and a quantity of scrap metal and two Cannons from the square in the Park were disposed of.
These two Cannons would have unfortunately been the ones on the Terrace.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View of the area designated the Terrace now minus the Cannons and Refreshment Rooms.

Postcard by F. & G Pollard.
J. & S number. 1869.
Posted 13 Jul 1907 to Miss L Longstaffe in Manchester.

Message reads, Dear Miss Longstaffe,
Sorry not written sooner have removed from Oldham for the same people Hoping you are all quite well at home and at Alex. Rd.
Yours Sam Grant?

Postcard by Milton. Woolstone Bros, London E.C.
"Glazette" Series. Number. 2580.
Posted 29 Jul 1908 to Mr J Robson in Blackpool.

Message reads, Dear Brother
We received your postcard alright & glad to hear you are well.
We have had a postcard from Mrs Sutton but she did not send her address so ask Mrs Legge for it.
From Alice

Postcard by Milton. Woolstone Bros, London E.C.
"Lazette" Series. Number. 2580.
Posted 21 Oct 1907 to Miss M Hurst in Bolton.

Message reads, Dear Molly, (no larks)
Thanks very much for P.C. Hope you are all right & nicely settled. Went to Sunday School on Sunday. Morning & afternoon. First time for eight weeks. Felt a regular heathen. Never told them I was going. They were nearly all taken in a fit. Awfully sorry you missed me on Monday night. You had not been gone long before I came home. Better luck next time.
Fondest love from Winnie.
Awfully sorry to hear you are worked up. Can't say the same for myself. It will be seven weeks on Wednesday not without working yet.

Postcard by A. H. & S. M
Branch Series Oldham. Number 10618
Posted 27 Oct 1907 to R. W. Burton Esq. in Barnsley, Yorks.

Message reads, Dear Robert /
A very fine crowd watched the match.
Rounds played the game of his life.
Yours etc. Harry

Postcard by Milton. Woolstone Bros, London E.C.
"Artlette-Glazette" Series. Number. 185.
Posted 15 Aug 1910 to Miss Ada Fieldhouse in Horsforth, Leeds.

Message reads, Dear Ada
Having a nice time tired myself out at Cotswold jumped into a bog 4 miles walk got driven back to the station in a trap, going to kruid on Wed. How's squeezer progressing.
Yours With Love Ida.

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