The area of the pathway designated Top Walk is the extension to the Promenade fron the Robert Ascroft Statue up to the second flight of steps.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View of the pathway designated Top Walk would have been more impressive now, had the Refreshment Room and Russian Cannon still been around on the Terrace.

Postcard by Valantine & Sons. Ltd. Dundee and London.
Number H.1943.
Unposted. Not written on, no stamp.

Postcard by Publisher unknown.
Unposted, but written on. No stamp, sent by letter as stated

Message reads, Dear Bob
I cannot remember your address and I have not got it with me here at Oldham. I have Frank's or at least the one he used to have so I am putting this in with a letter to him, has Doris written to you yet seeing I am not at home to remind her. I think the concert went off well though I don't know how much was made because we left early on the Friday morning, my word the soot did take some getting off, you would not have known us when we were black.
Well goodbye at present (Nancy).
PS. Hope I have said nothing to offend your Lordship.

Postcard by PPC
"Philco" Series
Number 4688
Unposted. Not written on, no stamp.

Postcard by Raphael Tuck & Sons.
"Town & City" Series, Number 2129.
Posted. to Miss J Hilbrn in Miles Platting Manchester.

Message reads, Dear Polly
Very pleased with the flowers, they are lovely, best love to all at home will write later hoping you will excuse more now
I remain Yours truly

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