The Tank shown below was offered to Oldham War Savings committee by the National War Savings Authority on 18 Apr 1919. It arrived in Oldham at the beginning of October and savings certificates were sold from the gun ports in the sides of tank, first outside the Town Hall and later in the Park.

Photograph appearing in the local newspaper 22/5/1957.

Showing WW1. Tank No. 267 flanked by two Howitzers on a concrete base in the Park. Probably taken around 1919.

On 14 Apr 1919 the Park Committee was requested to site "War Trophies" consisting of a Tank No. 267 and two Howitzers (German Field Guns), all relics of WW1, in the Park.

It was recomended 23 Apr 1919 they be placed near the Aviary at the Glodwick Road Entrance end of the Park, the Tank mounted on a concrete base and flanked by the two Howitzers

On 16 Feb 1938 the Park Committee had under consideration the question of the disposal of War Relics in the various Parks and the Town Hall submitted a letter from the War Office stating that his department would have no objection to the disposal of the Tank and Guns, provided they were sold for breaking up purposes only and making suggestion as to the use of the proceeds.

Scrappage of these weapons would have occurred between 1938 and 1942.

The concrete base was still in the Park in May 1957 and may still remain buried under the grass.

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