Wooded Glade is an arbitrary title chosen by me to describe the various tree lined and stepped walks, off the beaten track so to speak, shown below on a small group of postcards.

These pleasant short walks still remain, albiet changed in appearance and position, located at the outer reaches of the Park such as around the rear of the Observatory.

Photograph taken 6 Sep 2007.

View showing one of the stepped walks existing in the Park.

Photograph taken 10 Sep 2007.

View, again showing one of the stepped walks existing in the Park.

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Posted 6 Jan 1916 to Mrs Tumbull in Dunbar Scotland

Message reads,
Cettui & I came here on Tuesday.
We are enjoying the change so much.
Hope you are all well, Love to all
From Cettui & I
Yours affectionately
J. G. Mulo

Postcard by GD & DL
Posted 13 Aug 1909 to Mrs Billington in Crewe

Message reads, Dear Father & Mother
weather permitting Charlie will come to Crewe on Saturday morning early and come back on Sunday morning
love from all
your affectionate Daughter
A. Bennett

Postcard by Unknown Publisher
Posted 22 Oct 1915 to Mr. A. Butt in Wisbeck

Message reads, Dear his
I put empties on rail Wednesday last
16 Barrells 1 hamper
Yours Truly
M. Bell

Postcard by J. W. Astin, 148, Manchester Street, Oldham.
Posted 31 Aug 1905 to Miss A Wallis in Derby

Message reads, Dear Annie
I hope you have enjoyed yourself as I have, we have had some rain but not enough to stop us going out.
excuse me not writing as the post was closed until today Thurs:
your ever loving friend Lizzie

Postcard by J. W. Astin, 148, Manchester Street, Oldham.
Posted 29 May 1909 to Mrs Jones in Rhyl

Message reads, Dear Madam
Hope to arrive in Rhyl about dinner time on monday
Yours Respectfully
W Smith

Postcard by J. W. Astin, 148, Manchester Street, Oldham.
Posted 4 Oct 1905 to Miss Long in Farnworth

Message reads,
We are having wretched wet weather.
Hoping it will be saving the fine for week end.
Tell your Father I sent for the tobacco Tuesday.
S. C.
He may expect the tobacco week end.

Postcard by A. H. & S., Oldham
Park Series
Posted 3 Sep 1910 to Miss Moore in Ambleside

Message reads, Dear Sis
Tks for PC. rec'd yesterday mng.
Father arrived safely last night.
You had better get stps., paper & env. at A'side.
Hope you will have fine weather.
It is a lovely morning here. Mother will be writing.
Kind regards to all at A'side.
Remember me to the Cowards.
Catching 8.15 post.
Hope you will have a good time.
Yr loving brother.

Postcard by A. H. & S. O.
Victory Series
Posted 7 Jul 1921 to Miss I. A. Fieldhouse Blackpool

Message reads, Dear Miss Fieldhouse,
Thanks very much for P.C.
Glad to know you are staying at my favourite spot.
You must pay a visit to Lytham before you return.
You are having all the choice weather.
We had a visit from the Prince of Wales yesterday & we gave him a good reception.
Kind regards
? ? ?

Postcard by A. H. & S. Oldham
Park Series
Posted 3 Jun 1912 to Mr F Foster Grimsby

Message reads,
Arrived home about 1.50 am Sunday morning.
Father was just coming down to the station to
see were we had got to.
It is raining again today. So Clarise and I are
going to the Palace
Do you remember this place.

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